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Trade Pricing

In some cases, special trade pricing is available to businesses providing sales or services, such as installation and repairs associated with the security of residential, commercial, institutional, government, or automotive end users. Traditionally, these businesses maintain service vehicle(s) and often operate one or more commercial/retail storefront. If this describes your business, please use the information below to register for trade pricing on your next visit to

To qualify*, please provide at least two (2) of the following:

  • Proof of Valid Membership to a Professional Trade Organization (i.e. current membership ID).
    Examples may include:

    • ALOA Membership in your name
    • Trade Association Membership in your name
  • Locksmith License
  • Repossession License
  • Business License
  • Trade school student number, name of the course(s) being taken, and payment receipt
  • Business card indicating your trade profession in your name
  • Letter on Company Letterhead explaining you’re an employee of the company

After finishing the form, please email the qualifications to [email protected] or fax to (714) 633-0470. We may contact you if additional information is required.

*We reserve the right to make all trade pricing determinations at our sole discretion. Each professional must individually apply for trade pricing by submitting their individual qualifications.

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