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We at PRO-LOK understand the need for security. This is why we offer a full range of locks, keys and picks for locksmiths and those who are concerned about securing their car, home or other valuables. We also offer a selection of fire resistant safes that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. If you are seeking a security solution for the storage of sensitive documents and similar items, then you should definitely place an order for one of our fire resistant safes today!

Our featured fire resistant safe is made of steel and coated with a durable epoxy finish. This solid exterior makes our safes viable security solutions for safeguarding valuable paperwork and USB drives from fire, water or theft.

Fire resistant safes typically provide at least 30 minutes of fire protection. Our safe can be programmed easily with a changeable code of 3 to 8 digits. The safe comes with four anchoring bolts and two ¾” chrome bolts for added security. The unit’s keypad runs on four AA batteries and comes with a manual override key.

We also offer an Electronic Slotted Depository Safe for secure storage of valuables and cash. Made of solid steel, this safe has been designed with the needs of the small businesses in mind, and is remarkably simple to program. A changeable 3 to 8-digit code allows for secure but easy input access, with users able to make deposits even when the safe is locked.

The slotted safe comes with four bolts for safe anchorage and an additional two bolts for extra security. Like our fire-resistant safe, the protective case runs on four AA batteries and features a manual override key.

All of our safes are available on order from our website at any time. If you are looking for a secure and affordable solution for storing documents or other valuables, place your order for one of our high-grade fire-resistant or slotted safes today and find out what rock-solid security is like!

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