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Blue Punch Key Machines

Pro-Lok proudly offers our Blue Punch™ key machines to professional key cutters, locksmiths, property managers, and hardware store operations. These dedicated machines are designed to quickly and accurately provide factory original keys at the speed of a key duplicator. The Blue Punch™ key machines are ideal for any operation that requires precision keys. Check out Pro-Lok’s extensive selection of machines for the following lockset manufacturers and key types:

What makes Blue Punch™ key machines different? First, they require no electricity to operate, making them portable for on-or offsite uses. The dependable hand operation of the machines means that they are simple to use. The machines are set up at the factory to provide automatic spacing and depth for specific key types and even several variations of key types among individual lockset manufacturers. Keys are made with the utmost precision to the tightest factory tolerances. Quick user adjustments and simple operation means that you can be punch out factory-quality keys in minutes. The durable construction of the machines offer the ability to last for years of accurate, efficient, and fast key-making use.

Commercial locksmiths, schools, office buildings, and hotels trust the outstanding quality and precision of Blue Punch™ key machines. Pro-Lok ensures that all of our professional-grade locksmith equipment and tools are made to exacting standards – our reputation in the industry demands nothing less. Check out our full lineup of Blue Punch™ key machines in our online store and order with confidence. At Pro-Lok, we put quality first, giving our customers a range of tool choices for a variety of tasks.

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