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Inspection Lights

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12v Battery Holder for Auto Lights

SKU: AL4012


A Makita® Battery Holder connects your 12v Makita® power supply. For use with AL4000 12v Halogen Probe light....

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12v Bulb (used with AL4000)

SKU: AL12130

12v light bulb

A 12v Halogen replacement bulb for AL4000 12v Light Probe, AL4100 12v Light Kit, and AL4200 12v Light Kit....

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6v Bulb (used with AL3000)

SKU: AL12120


A 6v Halogen replacement bulb for AL300 6v Light Probe, AL3700 7.2v Light Kit, and AL3900 9.6v Light Kit...

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9.6v Battery Holder for Auto Lights

SKU: AL3009

AL3009: 9.6v Battery Holder

The 9.6v Makita® Battery Holder connects your 9.6v Makita® power supply. For use with AL3000 6v Super Light Probe light....

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Cord Light (used with AL2000)

SKU: AL2040

Auto Entry Light 2040 cord

A replacement coil cord allows you to reach those hard to see places. This cord is used with the AL2000 Heavy Duty Krypton Light....

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Pro-Glo Light

SKU: AL6000

Car Opening Suction Light

The Pro-Glo Hands-Free locksmith light uses a suction cup to rest on the exterior of vehicle's windshield illuminating the desired ...

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Suction Cup Clip


Suction Cup Clip

Product no longer available A suction cup clip for use with the Broad Spectrum Lights (AL10500, AL15500) and Halogen Lights (AL3700,AL3900, ...

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Wand Light (used with AL10500 / 15500 / 2000)

SKU: AL2039

Auto Light Wand 2039

A coaxial replacement wand allows you to reach those hard to see places. This flexible wand is used with the AL10500 - 2 Cell Hardbody ...

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More about Inspection Lights

When darkness falls, a little extra light can be extremely beneficial in order to perform tasks. Lights are a necessity when attempting to unlock a vehicle door at night. Professional locksmiths, emergency roadside assistance organizations, and tow truck operators know that Pro-Lok is the leading choice when it comes to confined space lighting. Our inspection lights are designed to make nighttime work easier and more efficient than ever.

Inspection lights such as those manufactured by Pro-Lok make vehicle entry tasks faster and easier. These lights are designed to fit into tight spaces, and are sometimes referred to as confined space lighting tools. The lights are ideal for vehicle entry tasks, allowing you to identify linkage rod guard plates and to locate the sensitive components inside vehicle doors, helping you to avoid damage of delicate wires and electronic parts. Our inspection lights can be found in the hands of professionals and hobbyists around the country, including those who work on safes, general machine inspection, and automotive repair. Around the house, our lights are a welcome addition, especially when extra light is needed to illuminate cramped spaces.

Pro-Lok manufactures a wide variety of lights, from our smallest 3 volt hard body inspection light to our most powerful 12 volt light kits. Of course, we also provide replacement bulbs, battery holders, extension cords, and battery adapters to keep your lights functioning when you need them most. Our light kits feature thin wands with powerful halogen bulbs to illuminate spaces inside vehicle doors or anywhere you need strong task lighting. Locksmiths and automotive professionals trust the quality of Pro-Lok inspection lights, relying on them to complete tasks after dark with a minimum of effort and maximum efficiency. Browse our complete lineup of inspection and task lighting options to choose the right light for your specific needs.

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