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PRO-LOK Latch Protector Spacer Patent

Latch Protectors: New Patent Earned

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017


Continuing to Develop Solutions, PRO-LOK® Earns 17th Patent


The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded PRO-LOK® a new patent, the company’s 17th overall.

PRO-LOK®, a Made in America manufacturer, believes in engineering and producing time saving solutions designed to save time, money, and provide security.  PRO-LOK® accomplishes this by using the highest quality materials, best manufacturing practices, and through more than 30 years of industry knowledge.

Latch protector installations can be difficult, especially when a height or offset difference occurs between the door and the frame.   PRO-LOK’s® ENTRY ARMOR® brand  has solved this problem of offsets by developing an installation spacer to be installed between the door and the latch protector to reduce the offset.  The installation spacers will be provided in a variety of latch protectors, including the ELP-240 and ELP-250 Series models, creating a complete latch protector kit.

“Our newest patent will not only provide exclusive solutions to our customers, but it continues the company’s mission of engineering and producing solutions that have real time and money-saving benefits for the customer,” says Adam Duberstein, Vice President of Global Business.  “ We’re helping create additional revenue opportunities for our customers and our latest innovation will now allow those entryways with a large frame/door offset to be secured with a latch protector.  Prior to our innovation, industry latch protectors could not easily be secured and these entryways would be more vulnerable to undesired entry.  This product helps solve that problem.”

PRO-LOK’s® ENTRY ARMOR® brand of products consists of more than 250 SKUs in the following categories: wrap plates, latch protectors, strike plates, adaptor plates, hole covers, door knobs, filler plates, door locks, door viewers, patio locks, and window locks.

The ENTRY ARMOR® brand is available for purchase at your nearest securities distributor, or by visiting  For more information about PRO-LOK’s®  family of products, including the PRO-LOK®  brand, Kalifornia Key Chainbrand, and ENTRY ARMOR®   please visit

PRO-LOK® is the leading manufacturer in the security industry of auto entry tools, installation tools, punch key machines, key accessories, and security door hardware.  For product information, call 866-679-1366 or visit 

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