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PRO-LOK is an American Made manufacturer based in Orange, California who believes in engineering and producing time saving solutions designed to save time, money, and provide security.  We do this through using the highest quality materials, best manufacturing practices, and through our decades of industry knowledge.

PRO-LOK, including ENTRY ARMOR and KALIFORNIA KEY CHAINS manufacturers auto entry tools, car opening tools, key machines, door hardware installation templates, lock picks, locking picking guns, locksmith tools, safe bits, and other security related products.  Entry Armor, our security door hardware division, manufacturers latch protectors, wrap plates, door viewers, filler plates, patio locks, strike plates, and other retrofit products to help secure your world and your valuables.  Take a look around and let us know how we can best serve you!

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Pro-Lok is more than a leading manufacturer, we are a team of highly skilled, highly educated people who take serious pride in every task we perform. With this in mind, we have taken upon the task of sharing our expertise and knowledge through regular articles published directly on the site.


PRO-LOK Latch Protector Spacer Patent

Latch Protectors: New Patent Earned

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL USPTO FILING Continuing to Develop Solutions, PRO-LOK® Earns 17th Patent   The United States Patent and Trademark

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13" Latch Protector - ELP-240

13" Latch Protector

SKU: ELP-240

The 13" in. steel latch protector is designed to protect and obstruct access to the latch or deadbolt on outswinging doors. Reversible for


11" Latch Protector - ELP-250

11" Latch Protector

SKU: ELP-250

The 11" in. steel latch protector is designed to protect and obstruct access to the latch or deadbolt on outswinging doors with extra


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