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Blue Punch Repair Service

Is your Blue Punch™ Key Machine not cutting keys as accurately as it used to?
Has your cutter become dull, slow or difficult to use?
Did you lose or misplace your code bar?
Does your machine need to be adjusted for spacing and depth or converted to another manufacturer’s keyway?

Let us Renew, Reset and Restore your Blue Punch™ Key Machine!

If your BLUE PUNCH™ machine is experiencing any of these issues we can fix it up for you! Regardless of your machine’s age or manufacturer, we can restore your machine to factory specifications, convert it from one keyway style to another or completely rebuild it with a brand new engine.

For more information on Blue Punch Machine factory services, pricing or other information , call Pro-Lok at (714) 633-0681. A Pro-Lok customer service member will ask for your machine style, serial no. # and which service you are requesting.  They will then provide you with a Blue Punch Repair reference number (BPR#), offer further instructions for shipping your machine and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Before you know it, your Blue Punch™ Key Machine will be returned to you Like New!

Your Pro-Lok® Blue Punch Manufacturer’s Warranty
Pro-Lok® hereby warranties that for a period of 90 days from the date of repair Pro-Lok® will repair or replace (at Pro-Lok®’s discretion) any part of the enclosed key machine which proves defective in the original materials or workmanship, without charge, subject to the following conditions:

    1. Registration: The warranty registration must be filled out and submitted to Pro-Lok® within 30 days of the repair via Pro-Lok®’s Product Registration
    2. Unauthorized Repair: This key machine must not have been previously altered, repaired or services by anyone other than Pro-Lok®. For authorized factory service, contact Pro-Lok® at any time.
    3. Wear & Tear: Excessive wear and tear or misuse of any part of this key machine will invalidate this warranty

Warranty does not cover shipping charges
No other warranty (written or verbal) other than the foregoing is authorized or accepted by Pro-Lok®
All returns must be authorized in advance by Pro-Lok®
Call (714) 633-0681 for a BPR# (Blue Punch Return Number). Be prepared to provide the serial number and type of machine you are returning.
The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

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