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Instructional Videos

Here we have a wonderful collection of our instructional videos and product demos. We hope you find them helpful. Please check back regularly for our latest additions.

PRO-LOK AK42-MEGA: Car Opening Video Short

PRO-LOK AK42-MEGA: Auto Entry Kit

PRO-LOK BLUE PUNCH Handle Springs Instructional Video

PRO-LOK BLUE PUNCH Top Jaw “L” Handle Adjustment Instructional Video

PRO-LOK BLUE PUNCH Instructional Video

PRO-LOK INJIG-KJ: Killer Jig Installation Kit

PRO-LOK INJIG-108KJ: Killer Jig (jig only)

PRO-LOK INJIGC-MORT-OMA: Offset Drill Adaptor for Hinges and Strikes

PRO-LOK INHINGE-01: Hinge Template

PRO-LOK INJIGC-MORT: Mortise Jig Installation

Electric Lock Installation

PRO-LOK INCL-PRO: Professional Series Universal Clamp

PRO-LOK IN434-PRO: Saregent PASSPORT 8200 PG Offline Hardware Prep

PRO-LOK IN510-PRO: Schlage CO Mortise Hardware Prep

PRO-LOK IN500-PRO: Schlage AD Cylindrical Hardware Prep

PRO-LOK IN431-PRO: Sargent Passport 10 Line PoE

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