New PRO Series Installation Templates; Faster, More Accurate
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IN Series Installation Template Equation

New PRO Series Installation Templates Offer Faster, More Accurate Way to Prep Doors for Hardware

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Pro-Lok works very hard to design and manufacture quality hardware and security tools to make performing services a snap. Equally important is improving on our existing systems and designs to continue bringing you the best the industry has to offer. This is why we are proud to announce the launch of our NEW Modular Professional Series Installation Template Series and Professional Series Universal Clamp!

While our first modular template system, featuring a heavy-duty aluminum clamp for holding one aluminum specialty template in place, was a vast improvement on traditional methods of using paper templates or freehand drilling, we wanted to find a way to save more time and reduce the incidence of errors. The Pro-Lok team went back to the drawing table and improved the universal clamp so you can prep both the inside and the outside of the door in the same prep.

The resulting Professional Series Universal Clamp is designed to hold two (2) templates, both the inside and outside, in full contact with the door to reduce the chance of installation errors. The clamp also works with all IN-Series Templates — which means fewer tools are needed to get the job done, saving you time and money — purchase just one clamp and change out the templates as needed.  The Professional Series Templates are designed to make direct contract with the face of the door; reducing drilling errors.  The Professional Series Templates also use true sized holes, which make it easy for the installer to use the correct sized bit the first time.

For those who already have Pro-Lok’s IN-Series templates, simply purchase the new Professional Series Universal Clamp and the corresponding back template(s) so you can drill prep doors faster and more accurate than ever.

Benefit and Features of the Professional Series Templates

  1. Modular design for fewer tools at a more economical price
  2. Designed to prep both the inside and outside of the door.
  3. Maintains full contact with the door to reduce installation errors.
  4. Features true sized hole to eliminate hole size guessing and ensure accuracy.
  5. Features hardened, heat treated steel bushings (where applicable)
  6. Self-centering, self leveling

How to Use the PRO IN-Series Modular Templates

  1. Purchase the Professional Series Universal Clamp (INCL-PRO).
  2. Purchase the template(s) appropriate for the hardware.*
  3. Enjoy lightening fast installations!
  4. For the next installation job only purchase the IN-PRO Templates to fit with the existing INCL-PRO, Professional Series Universal Clamp

*New PRO IN-Series Templates come with both front and outside as a set. The original IN-Series front and back templates may be purchased separately.

See the Installation Process in Action!

  • Imagine how many doors you could get done in a day to bring in more income.
  • Imagine how your customers will feel satisfied knowing their entryways will be properly secured by a professional who does the job right the first time.

Check out these easy to follow tutorials to see the speed and accuracy of the modular installation system, and then explore our entire line of Installation products and tools!

Professional Series Universal Clamp (INCL-PRO)

Sargent Passport 10 Line Professional Template(s)

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