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Standard Follower

SKU: LT371-495

Standard Follower

A Standard Follower with a .495" diameter is a standard rekeying tool with two different end configurations. Uses include: Arrow, Schlage, ...

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Standard Impressioning Tool

SKU: LT700

Standard Impressioning Tool - LT700

The Standard Impressioning Tool is great for pin tumbler and wafer locks using a true centerline action. Easy-to-grip handle fits hands ...

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Steering Bar Unlocker

SKU: LT115

LT115: Steering Bar Unlocker

The Steering Bar Unlocker tool is used to pick the vast majority of after market steering wheel locking bars. Perfect for when the lock is ...

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Stramer Remover Tool

SKU: LT216

Stramer Remover Tool

The Stramer Remover Tool removes the steering column lock plate retainer ring on GM “Square Column” vehicles....

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Suction Cup Clip


Suction Cup Clip

Product no longer available A suction cup clip for use with the Broad Spectrum Lights (AL10500, AL15500) and Halogen Lights (AL3700,AL3900, ...

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Super Slim Jim Car Opening Tool


Super Slim Jim Car Opening Tool - AO11

The Super Slim Jim is wider and thicker than the Original Slim Jim. Designed to unlock many foreign and domestic vehicles. Made of ...

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A heavy-duty white cotton T-Shirt with a silk screen design and the phrase "Go Ahead... Lock the Keys in Your Car" .Available in ...

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Taco Grade 1 Leverset PRO Templates


Grade 2 Installation Template

The Taco Grade 1 Leverset PRO templates prep doors for accurate installation of heavy duty Grade 1 lever locks. These template allows ...

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Teal Key Hooks (100 per bag)


teal no spill key hooks

The pliable and durable Teal Key Hook with unique no-spill hook design securely holds 25-30 blanks in place until deliberately removed. ...

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Tool Instruction Booklet


Tool Usage Instructional Booklet

The 52 page Tool Usage and Instruction Booklet is a great resource for understanding different auto locking systems and how to use our ...

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Toyota Car Opening Tool


Toyota Car Opening Tool - AO21

The Toyota Car Opening Tool is a versatile double ended tool, perfect for unlocking various Toyota or other vehicles with a metal or ...

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Traditional Rake Pick w/Handle


Traditional Rake Lock Picking handle

The Traditional Rake Pick with Handle is a superior quality lock picking tool manufactured of tempered stainless steel; deburred and ...

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