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Adapter 3-3/4" Backset

Adapter 3-3/4″ Backset

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This Adapter is designed to adjust the Universal Clap (INCL) for proper alignment of an IN-series template on a door with a 3-3/4″ backset. Made from lightweight aluminum.

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Product Description

Prepping a door for any hardware and locking mechanisms is pretty easy to do, and it’s much easier if you have a template as a guide. The PRO-LOKĀ® IN-Series Templates will provide you with the correct number of perfectly spaced holes for a quick, precise and professional installation of door knobs, handles, locks and more. Each template is made according to each lock manufacturers’ specification. *Reverse templates may be available for the back side of the door; this cuts down on time and splintering when making bore cuts.

Made in the USA

Additional Information

Weight 0.28 lbs

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